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Hi I'm Patrick. Since 2011 I've had the 'writing bug'. Back in High School I wrote a lot of Poetry (NERD!!), even won a contest in the local paper but never considered a writing career. So I tried my hand at Engineering, I T, Law, even worked in a family take away. 30+ years later, my teen son Ricky (Patrick J.) was proving to be a handful. In an effort to curb his behaviour and satisfy Ricky's obsession with Animated Movies, we came to an agreement. We'd write an Animated script together on the proviso he would 'behave'. The first few scripts we wrote were really bad. However, our first moderate success was with 'Chippies' reaching the finals in some well known contests.
I am now well and truly hooked and have a 'need' to write every day. With our collaborated scripts, Ricky is the Inspiration and I'm the Perspiration. Currently I work days in I T to make ends meet and nights as an unpaid screenwriter. Below are images of me, Ricky, my beautiful wife Pina (who supports this incurable disease) and pics of our dog 'Snoopy' and our home town.
Finally, as well as animated movies, Ricky has a penchant for acting. He's even starred as a zombie extra in 'Little Monsters'. Ricky's clown pics link to his Starnow and Facebook pages.
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Ricky Pic 11 Ricky Pic 12 Ricky and Pina Rick and Pina and Me Pina pic Me and Pina Patrick pic 1 Patrick pic 2 Patrick pic 3 Patrick caricature
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